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Advent Devotional December 24


Note the present perfect verb tense in this text. The light has shined. You have multiplied, have increased, have broken the rod of the oppressor. These present perfect verbs show actions that began in the past and continued to the present. The prophets often share their visions of the future in this verb tense, implying their prophecies are as good as done. We cherish these words of hope here on Christmas Eve when our night watch culminates in the birth of the Christ child, the Light of the World. Tonight, we hold each other in the darkness and sing hymns of joy. This is what we have awaited, where our Advent devotional journey has led. Hope has risen. God of the sun and moon and stars, God of the prophets and angels who announce your good news of great joy, we thank you for this Advent journey and the hope we feel tonight. Amen.

These daily devotions are taken from the Presbyterian Outlook Journal. The entire devotional can be found linked below.

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