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Advent Devotion December 22

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22ND | MARK 14:32-42 “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” This is a painful passage to read. Jesus rarely, if ever, asks for help, shows vulnerability or reflects his human need. But here he does. And the disciples fail him. All he asks is that they stay awake with him in the dark hours before his arrest. He doesn’t want to be alone. But sleep is the enemy of their faithfulness. Christmas is days away now. Jesus will be born small, fragile and vulnerable. Through these final days of Advent, let us ask ourselves, “What does Jesus need from us? From me? What can we do tonight to prepare ourselves to faithfully respond when Jesus calls?” Merciful God, save us from ourselves and the weakness of our flesh. Help us stay awake and alert in these final days of Advent so we can be ready to attend to Christ upon his birth. Amen.

These daily devotions are taken from the Presbyterian Outlook Journal. The entire devotional can be found linked below.

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