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Gallery Installation
Barbara Desrosiers
Leslie Jordan
Suzanne Roff

Opening Reception:
Sunday, April 21
, 2024

The Galleries at First Pres began in January of 2017 and was founded by Dr. Jacob Craig, with Peter and Carole Coe as curators. Their mission is to feature a wide variety of works by local artists, on rotation quarterly throughout the year. The Galleries are located throughout the campus of First Presbyterian Church. They are open for viewing from 12pm to 3pm, Monday through Thursday. Guided tours can be made available upon request. Admission is free and open to the community.

Our current curator is Mrs. Susan "Suze" Lavender. Suze was born and raised on the south shore of Long Island, NY. Her two loves were always Art and the Sea. She loves to draw and paint moments to release emotions. Although she has never been formally trained in Art, except for the odd class in a variety of different mediums, her art shows a natural talent and beauty that exhibits a deep love and the heart and soul she puts into her work. Since meeting and studying under Frits Van Eeden in the last five years, she feels that he has opened up a window of what could be. Suze’s art now has the energy, emotion, color, and passion that she’s always strived to put on canvas. Suze says, “I have been an artist my entire life, but I have had no formal training until recently. I knew I had so much to say and had no idea how to transfer my thoughts onto canvas. There was a time when I viewed photographic and detailed production as the epitome of artistry. Gratefully, that is no longer the case. My New York upbringing is especially present in my cityscapes, and I've discovered how to communicate my ideas emotionally through textures, color choice, and subject. I've yet to travel the world however my paintings have created a world for me.”

Our Artist in Residence, Sheila Lougheed, has some of her artwork displayed throughout campus. Her most recent religious-inspired works can be found lining the stairwell of the Center for Christian Life- a 7-painting series that was created live during Sunday services in the Lenten Season of 2018. Each piece represents a different theme during the period of Lent. The final work of this series is a 12-foot tall painting of a dove to represent to resurrection and rebirth of Christ. 

Art Show

April to June 2024

The Galleries at First Pres will offer an opening reception of the Art Show on Sunday, April 21 from 1-3pm. The show will feature the works of local artists Barbara Desrosiers, Leslie Jordan, and Suzanne Roff The galleries are located throughout the campus of First Presbyterian Church at 520 Royal Palm Boulevard in Vero Beach. Admission is free, light refreshments will be provided.

Barbara Desrosiers

Barbara Desrosiers grew up in New Jersey, holds a BFA in studio art from the University of Rhode Island, and resides in Melbourne, FL. Her work with The Guardian Series aims to make visible the invisible influences upon us. Barbara is deeply interested in the spiritual side of life and highly motivated by beauty.


Desrosiers’ imagery is created on an iPad. She works intuitively, allowing the image to unfold of its own accord and direction. When a piece reaches an end point on the iPad, she exports it to her laptop and refines it with filters and final resolution in Photoshop. From there it is printed on archival paper and then varnished.

Each Guardian is numbered in the series, they do not have individual titles. They are powerful symbols of

the unseen presences in our lives, the spirits that walk beside us and, as such, defy identification with a limiting name. Each one carries a power and has a different message for the viewer. No two people see them the same and almost everyone who does experience them feels a connection on some level.


Barbara’s inspiration comes from the world around and the world inside. She is very interested in the inner life and how spirituality comes to us in forms of nature and unseen influences. This leads her further and further down the path of creativity and constantly fuels the inner dialogue that feeds her soul.


More of her work can be found at

Leslie Jordan

My imagination ran wild from an early age; from drawing my own books, planting glass shards to grow glass flowers to watching a spider build its web, anything was possible. I attended the School of Visual Arts in NY. I was excited by many forms of media, including film, sculpture, painting, architecture and more. This creative exploration led me to find my true artistic path through photography and most recently, mosaics. My creative inspiration comes from all over, from the smallest insect to the largest building or tree. I especially enjoy exploring the raw beauty of nature and through my lens, my mind's eye becomes free to observe, imagine, think, and wonder.

Desrosiers portrait.jpg
Jordan.Profile 03.10.24.jpg

I was born into a family of self-taught artists; two photographer uncles, my grandfather, who was a wood and metal artist that made folk art pieces. Like them, I found my own  artistic voice through photography.My passions are macro photography, abstract, illusion, nature, textures, and structures. Each day has a surprise to unveil, and I always have a camera with me to capture it. The surrealism and beauty of unseen details evoke a sensory response in me, as I hope it does in you. My goal is to take the observer of my work along with me on this journey of discovery and to impart and inspire introspection of how we all view and move through our world, and have our imagination run unfettered with curiosity and wonder.If you have any questions about any piece, feel free to ask me.I only have one rule……If it is an abstract picture, I will never tell you what the origin or subject is. Art is relative and is meant to be engaging and enjoyed.                                                                                                                                     ….  Enjoy the show.Email:

Roff photo.jpg

Suzanne Roff

Suzanne Roff believes she was destined to reveal the unspoken and invisible through her work as a psychologist, writer, and now painter. She says, “Painting for me is a visual exploration of personal narratives and a projective “Rorschach inkblot” for the audience where each viewer sees something different. A synchronistic discovery of color and form can be unpredictable – but also rewarding despite inevitable times of creative doubt and frustration. Fortunately, fun can be another special ingredient in the process.”Suzanne holds a double major degree in Philosophy and Fine Art (painting). She spent a year studying art in Florence, Italy, as well as at Parsons School of Design and The Art Students League of New York. Currently, she paints in historic Vero Beach at Studio Sixty. Since her move to Vero Beach in

November 2020, her paintings have been exhibited at Gallery Veritas, the Center for Spiritual Care, the Environmental Learning Center, as well as Vero Beach Museum of Art’s juried exhibition Treasure Coast Creates: Tribute to Local Artists. Featured in Vero Beach Newsweekly 32963, her work has been described as sub-conscious reveals.For Purchasing Information:

Email Website:

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