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Scholarship? Or discipleship? Yes!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

I have had several conversations with folks who are very excited about this opportunity to read Scripture together. So many people have responded to this call to read Scripture that we have run out of our first batch of Patrticipant’s books. Don’t worry: We have ordered more. Until they come in you can find the daily readings here.

As I reflect on this great journey I have been asked if this is about ”scholarship” or “discipleship?” My answer was, “Yes!” As we read Scripture together we will learn about who God is and the relationship between God and God’s people. That is a given. At the same time, I encourage you to not get too bogged down in the periods and commas and the parts of speech. This is an opportunity to engage in the Spiritual Discipline of reading God’s story for us. It is about setting time each day with God and allowing God into our daily routine. That is what makes it discipleship.

Take comfort in the fact that you are not reading it alone. On any given day, members of our own congregation are reading with you. I also know other churches who are engaged in this Spiritual Discipline. This means there are other men and women (all over the world) who are reading along with you.

Every Thursday at 10:00 AM we will have a Year of the Bible Q&A via Zoom where you can drop in and ask questions and engage with some of the pastors and other members who are on this journey with you. You can also call, email, or drop by the physical office for conversation about what we are reading together. Click here to join us on Thursdays at 10:00.

I look forward to this time of Scholarship and Discipleship with each of you.

Grace and Peace,


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