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Advent Devotion December 16

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16TH | PSALM 121 This psalm of ascent is sung by pilgrims making their way to worship, preparing their hearts by singing praise to a God who neither slumbers nor sleeps, a God who does not rest so we can. As a child, and even sometimes as an adult, I’ve found it hard to fall asleep alone in the house. My imagination turns shadows into creepy monsters and floorboard creaks become unwelcome footsteps. Alone at night, I’m conjuring the worst of my own fears. Psalm 121 offers exactly the help and hope I need: a God who stays awake so I can sleep, a guardian of both day and night. O God, our guardian, we can rest well knowing that you are keeping watch. As we prepare our hearts for Christ’s coming, we lift our eyes to the night sky this Advent to praise the God of heaven and earth, to praise the God who keeps watch on our behalf. Amen.

These daily devotions are taken from the Presbyterian Outlook Journal. The entire devotional can be found linked below.

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