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Advent Devotion December 6

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

MONDAY, DECEMBER 6TH | PSALM 30:4-5 Weeping happens at night. A rising tide of emotion, our problems escalating when we have limited energy for reason and rationalizations — all these things can lead to evening meltdowns. I’ve often turned to this passage when I find myself weeping at night and quoted it to my children when worry or fear seizes them at bedtime. It’s a comforting reminder that there are seasons and stages to our grief. Weeping may linger for the night, but it’s not our constant state. Nighttime breaks into a new day. Weeping breaks into joy. In these Advent nights, as we weep with grief over the loss this pandemic has wrought, let us look with hope toward a new morning of joy. Holy God, linger with us when the night leads us to weep. Turn us to the hope of your promised son and your kingdom come and the joy we can find in this new day. Amen.

These daily devotions are taken from the Presbyterian Outlook Journal. The entire devotional can be found linked below.

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