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Youth Fundraiser Wall


Welcome to the online Youth Fundraiser Wall! As social distancing has become a standard practice over the last week I have decided to make this page so that those of you that are unable to make it into the office to donate are still able to do so online.


Each envelope has a dollar amount on it $1 - $120.

 Whatever amount you would be willing to donate please

-CLICK on the envelope and you will be redirected to our secure online offering portal

it will look like this


- Click the select a fund and choose the "other" section

- in the memo line write "Youth" and the envelope that you have chosen 

- please give us your email so that we can Thank you for your donation! 

You are more than welcome to click on more than one envelope if you wish! And at the bottom of the page are some large golden envelopes that we would love for you to consider donating into! 


This is a great way of still being able to contribute to our programs while we are unable to do so in person! 

Screen Shot of how to give to Youth Fundraiser.

Thank you so much for your generosity and love for our Youth and our Youth Programs!

We really are thankful for each of you! May God Bless!

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