We believe in God as expressed in the Trinity.  We believe that God created the world and deemed it good.  We believe that God can be known and as Christians we seek to be in relationship with God through Jesus Christ and through the urging of the Holy Spirit.  
We believe that the Bible, the Old and New Testament, is the living Word of God. We believe that, when read in prayer and being led by the Holy Spirit, it is the living Word of God. It is written by many authors in many places at different times yet it is incapable of not revealing God’s truth. We believe Christian men and women should take dedicated time to study and reflect on God’s Word.  
We fully and wholeheartedly proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord.  This means that Jesus is God with us and that, as the apostle Paul teaches, we are to clothe ourselves with Christ; we are to look like Christ, live like Christ, and love like Christ.
We believe that the church is the body of Christ. Individually we are members of that body. We are not superior to anyone because we are members of the church. We are all regular people trying to do our very best to walk in the ways of God. We must always be humble and servants of others and open to the needs of those we meet.
We believe that God created humankind in God’s own image.  We are finite creatures trying to understand the infinite.  We will always be frustrated! Yet God allows God’s self to be known in Revelation. We believe that in Jesus Christ we have the fullest revelation of God and we are to emulate Christ in our own living.