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Advent Devotional December 1

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1ST | PSALM 136:1-9 The moon and stars are a steady presence and a nightly reminder of the steadfast love of God. No matter what happens during the day, God’s stars still shine. No matter what doubts or fears plague us, God’s love for us never wavers. No matter the cruelty of the world, God is there every night, reminding us that love rises above all else. This Advent, spend some time praying in a place where you can view the moon and stars. This Advent, pause to remember and give thanks for God’s steadfast love. Beautiful Creator, we pause to praise you. Your steadfast love endures forever. The moon and the stars point us toward this truth. In a cruel and violent world, we are grateful for this nightly reminder that your way is love. In a world where we are so often brought low, the signs in your night sky raise us up. Thank you. Amen.

These daily devotions are taken from the Presbyterian Outlook Journal. The entire devotional can be found linked below.

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