The Galleries at First Pres

Featuring a wide variety of works from local artists, the Galleries at First Pres will be a permanent installment of rotating arts displays throughout the year as a service to our wonderful community. Including all mediums of 2D art and sculpture, these galleries function as one of the larger spaces in Indian River County.
All are invited to tour the spaces.  The Galleries of First Pres are open to the public Monday through Thursday from 12-3 pm and will be open for guided tours every Wednesday between the hours of 3 and 5 pm.  
Our newest featured artists as of October 8th, 2017:
Judy Burgarella – works located in the Gietz Music Suite
Mary Segal – works located in the Chapel
Frits Van Eeden – works located in the Center for Christian Life
If you have an desire to purchase any of the artwork, please contact the artist directly.  His/her information will be available to you at the gallery. 
Artists interested in showing their work may contact Peter and Carole Coe at 772-464-6712.