Church Life Ministry Committee

The Church Life Team helps to promote gatherings, fellowship and friendship while fostering a comfortable and effectual setting for planned fellowship events.  We help to enrich the fellowship life of our church by leading fellowship events while also working in partnership with other committee and organizations.  
A primary responsibility of Church Life is our Wednesday Night Dinner events.  We are responsible for the preparation of meals, setting tables, decorations, and clean up.   In addition, this committee is responsible for providing for our various educational seminars, leadership luncheons, guest speaker events and such.  
This committee works in partnership with other committees to ensure that we put our “best foot forward” when it comes to fellowship and hospitality.  Church Life helps with large funeral receptions, hosting receptions for concerts, guest choir events, new member receptions either at church or the pastor’s home, annual church-wide special events, and other events requested or deemed appropriate.  Finally, this committee exercises primary responsibility for guest lecturers and Resident Theologians.  
If you would like to learn more about the Church Life Ministry Team, please contact the church office at 562-9088.